Is It Possible for Webcam Models to Work in a Mask?

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How to be anonymous in a webcam?

Most of the girls who work in the webcam industry want to remain anonymous. For some, it is not enough to set up filters so that the profile is accessible to visitors from other countries. Sometimes girls think about how to hide their face.

Working in a mask can be considered as one of the methods that exist. But there is a number of nuances here and they need to be taken into account. It is not necessary to use mask when there are many ways to protect yourself from the audience that you don't want to meet in your room. Working in the field of webcam can be as safe as possible.

Which mask should I choose for a webcam broadcast?

Webcam chat is a place that is visited by many different people. They all want to find their ideal model. On the one hand, everyone wants to look at true beauty. On the other hand, we all have our own fetishes. Therefore, working as a webcam model makes it possible to be on the air in a mask. At the same time, this attribute must correspond to certain limits. Let's look at them closely.

Openwork mask

Such an object cannot reliably hide your face, since openwork is a material that is 75 percent transparent. Such a mask is used as an accessory for a specific image. The maximum output you can count on is that viewers who experience passion from such things will join the broadcast.


Girls who work in the webcam business are constantly changing their images. We recommend that you study the direction of a cosplay, in order to periodically try on the magical images of fairy-tale heroes.

A masquerade mask is a stage attribute that is not appropriate in every situation. After all, there is a high probability that as a result of regular appearance on the air in a mask, the chat will be filled with fans of cartoon comics. Such a viewer needs a special approach. Think carefully, are you ready to constantly work in a stage image? If not, leave the masquerade mask until Halloween.

Latex Mask

This option will be successful for models who want to attract to their broadcast a bunch of fans of role-playing games who like adult content. BDSM is the category of webcam model work in which the wearing of such attributes is allowed. But here it is important to understand that a limited number of customers will come to you due to the fact that the category is quite narrow. In addition, the model must be familiar with the ideology of BDSM and be a connoisseur of this direction. Therefore, think carefully about whether such a mask is worth your personal beliefs or it’s not a very good idea and other options will attract you more.

Don't be afraid to work as a webcam model

If you don't see yourself in any of these masks, don't worry. In any chat, you can put a selected list of countries on the block. Then there will be no unwanted people in the chat during your broadcast.