How to Maintain Your Anonymity while Working as a Webcam Model?

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Can it be real to work as a webcam model and to stay safe

Today we will talk about security when working as a webcam model. Obviously, the security issue is the main reason why many girls are afraid to start working as a webcam model. Someone is worried that friends may find out, someone is scared to be exposed in front of the relatives, and someone is afraid that their photos may become a source of blackmail. But, despite the fear, most webcam models violate basic safety rules when working as a webcam model at home. Yes, when working, you need to consider a few simple rules that are quite easy to follow. In this article, we will give you some recommendations that will allow you to work safely.

How to stay safe at work?

Let's list the main safety rules and discuss each of them so that you don't have any misunderstandings.


Personal information is indicated in the profile on the website when one works as a webcam model. If a person works through our online webcam studio, the information is fictional — and that's right. No need to write real information about yourself. This applies to your residential address, first and last name, patronymic. Another important thing to follow is leaving no contact details. It will be better if you have a separate email mailbox, a social network profile and a messenger specifically for work. Your profile is a page of an online character. Remember this rule and never violate it.


If things are going well, it is very difficult not to tell everyone around about your success. There is a desire to share with a friend and tell the secret of your high earnings. Or to show off about your income in the company of friends after a few alcoholic cocktails. No need to do this, hold on. Just a few phrases can cost you an emotional breakdown. Even your best friend can betray you, and people often turn out to be unreliable. Therefore, if you don't need problems in real life, keep quiet and don't tell anyone what you really do. Come up with a legend about your work. Let everyone think that you are a simple office employee or a student.

Logins and passwords

A nickname or login and all the data that is used to log in to your office on the work site. Even if the information is requested by the studio administrator or another webcam model asks, there is no need to share personal information. In addition, the administrator will never ask for such data, since this is prohibited by the rules of the site and they already have access to private information. Everyone else who wants to get input wants to deceive you. And one more tip: after each session, do not forget to log out of your account.

Extraneous links

Personal data is very easy to get with the help of various virus programs. To do this, one clicks on the link from your work computer is enough. Such links are contained in fake letters from the site administration. Or a member can send a link in the chat. To avoid problems, remember one important rule - never click on suspicious links.

Mind what you say

Most of your clients are foreigners. Therefore, let your location remain abstract for them. In order not to tell them your place of residence, communicate exclusively in English, as it is universal for communicating with residents of any countries. You don't need to show that you understand Russian or Ukrainian well. Unless you work with a Russian-speaking audience. Also, you do not need to include Russian music for the background, find something calm and preferably in English.

Don't tell them too much

Remember that at work you are a character who has nothing to do with reality. And that's great, because you can choose your target audience by yourself. No need to share personal information with anyone. Even if it seems to you that you have a trusting relationship with a member. No information from the biography, from the past and present. You can make up your own fictional story, the main thing is anything but the truth.

Social network

An important rule is not to include links to your social networks in your work profile. Even if you really want to show off your Instagram account. It won't help you much in your work. At the same time, there can be a lot of harm from such publicity.

Never add friends to your customers, even to regular ones. It will be best if you completely remove yourself from social networks or close profiles from outsiders. And for work, you can always create a new page with a fictional image.

It may seem to you that these rules are banal. That's what most girls who get deceived while working as a webcam model think. And it is no longer possible to rewind the situation back. Therefore, we have to start from the very beginning: the development of rating, reputation and a gradual increase in earnings.

But the worst outcome of events may be the need to hide from overly intrusive customers. Therefore, don't be too self-confident and take care of your own safety.

In cooperation with our online webcam studio, we take care of most of the issues. But we can't protect you from yourself. Therefore, try to work by the rules and be wary of publicity.