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In order to make good money on webcam sites, a model needs high-quality image, sound and software. To achieve maximum quality, you will need not only a camera and a computer, but also properly configured software.

Today we will talk about what programs can help you with streaming.

In order to broadcast on one site, you just need a browser (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.). If you decide to work on several sites, you will already need a splitter that will help facilitate this procedure.

A splitter is a program that will capture your video and transmit it to several streams simultaneously in good quality.

Also, in order for the video not to be transmitted in cubes, you need high-speed Internet. To check it, go to any website by entering the request speed test in your browser.

Measuring download speed

Download = data reception rate - affects the amount of data your device can receive in one second.

Upload = data transfer rate – is responsible for the amount of data that the device can send per second. This is the main point influencing high-quality broadcasts.

Preferred data transfer speed: 3-5 MB/s for one site. Accordingly, when working on several sites, you will need to multiply this speed by their number. And purchase a tariff from your provider that will provide the fastest Internet possible. This is not worth saving on. Because fans and lovers of the slow-mo effect don’t flock to a video that slows down.

Ping is a signal sent to the main server requesting a response. (Determines the availability of the main server and response time).

Desirable ping values are 30-50 ms.

Jitter is a periodic delay in time when data packets are sent over a network. Acceptable jitter indicators mean what periodic fluctuations are allowed during data transmission. They should not exceed 30 ms.

Webcam software for working on multiple sites

To broadcast synchronously to several sites in HD format, you will need a splitter program. Thanks to such services, you save the power of your computer. Since it transmits one video stream to the server, from which the image is then transmitted to all your work sites.

Among such programs, VerySoft WebcamSplitter is popular.

The program is paid, but costs up to 1000 rubles. There are also ManyCam, SplitCam, Visit-X. Before you buy such an application, test it to see which one suits you best. All paid splitters offer their own trial version.

Software for webcams and image enhancement

This could be OBS, for example. It encodes the video stream directly on your computer and sends it to the server. Therefore, your image will be displayed in a separate window.

With it, your broadcasts will be of high quality, and you will be able to configure additional parameters for yourself, for example, add filters. Using this program you can also adjust the sound.

By changing the brightness and color settings, you can easily create a tanning effect or remove unnecessary shadows. In general, you can play with it as much as you like, making your image as attractive as possible.

Moreover in OBS, models insert various pictures, gifs, nicknames of their social networks or a DMCA logo into the video (to protect the copyright of their videos).

You can add your own menu type to the screen as a picture.

When you are streaming, you are not allowed to leave the chat for more than a few minutes. And if you need to leave urgently and don’t want to lose your audience, you can make a screensaver in the OBS program with the inscription that you will be back soon.

In addition to the usual brightness settings, you can connect the Snap Camera software. Through it you can significantly change your appearance and create magical effects.

For beginner streamers who are not well versed in software for working as a webcam model and do not want to dive into learning complex settings, the Grand Models service is suitable. It employs professional technicians who connect to the computer remotely at any time of the day and configure the equipment for maximum productivity.

This makes streaming very easy. You can always contact the operator if you have a question or breakdown. Within a couple of minutes, a consultant will be in touch with you to help you sort out the problem.

Convenience lies in the fact that you will not need to bother with individual settings for each site on which you broadcast. The service will take care of all the worries associated with registrations, troubleshooting, connecting toys and withdrawing money to any convenient details. You can stream remotely in a comfortable environment and not bother yourself with complexities and learning how dozens of programs work.

Photo processing software

Some of the best professional programs for editing photos on a computer are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. To figure out how to work with them, you can search for training videos on the Internet.

And for Photoshop on your smartphone there are more programs that can easily edit your appearance beyond recognition. For example: VSCO, Snapseed, Afterlight, Lightroom, Photolab, MakeapPlus, AirBrush, Lensa, FaceTune and others.

But it’s better not to overdo it with processing, so that when a fan in love with your photo comes to the stream, the expectation doesn’t turn out to be reality. Easy makeup correction and saving your approximate parameters - this will be enough.

The Canva app makes it easy to edit photos for eye-catching banners, discount ads, or email invitations to your themed stream.

Where to process video?

The computer usually already has built-in editors with which the model can make simple gluing or cutting for seductive teasers.

Suitable applications for video editing on a PC are: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro.

The easiest way to process on your phone is through iMovie or CapCut. If you are still new to editing, feel free to Google the application you need. There are now a lot of short educational videos and useful life hacks on the Internet that will make your content original and attractive.

In order to see examples of work or videos, we recommend visiting the pages of other models. This will develop your observation skills. By adding your own quirks and interests, over time you will develop your own style.

Cool short teasers of the site are reposted to your Twitter page. There you can also find cool ideas for creating content.

Program for webcam and work on prohibited sites

Most international adult platforms are blocked by providers. This is why mirror sites appeared. These are the same sites, only bypassing the blocking.

For those sites that do not have mirrors, you need to use a VPN. This is a program that encrypts your traffic and protects your online privacy by changing your geolocation.
Lately they are often blocked too. Therefore, you have to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and have several working options in reserve.

The Planet VPN app now works well for broadcasting on a smartphone.
On a computer, PIA VPN helps with broadcasting.

There is another option - download the browser and use the VPN already built into it. However, they do not always do their job well and can significantly slow down your Internet speed, which is not at all welcome in webcam broadcasting.

Models who work through the Grand Models service can request access to an already paid VPN. Operators will connect everything for free and set it up for comfortable broadcasting on the 15 most popular adult platforms.

In addition to all services, the site provides BIO design and promotion on sites. Thanks to this, your income can increase several times.

All you have to do is engage in creative work and express yourself as a model. You will not get tired of constant settings or disputes with international sites.

To start working with the Grand Models service, go to the main page and complete a simple registration. You can withdraw your first salary early without commission, or receive it consistently at the end of each period, 2 times a month.

Employees will streamline your workflow and make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals.