What You Need to Do to Increase Earnings in Webcam

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Hi, I don't want to call this a checklist. Just a randomly created list that might be useful for anyone. This is for everyone, whether you've just started working, or you've already been working for a long time, it doesn't matter. Firstly, wrote this text as an appeal to girls, but now I can guarantee that it can be used by models of both sexes. Go through the list and get yourself answers to all points.

These are questions that will make you think about how you can improve your content and hopefully make more money.

  • 1. Do you really like showing up on camera and making content?

    Does it seem like going online is a chore, or are you doing it to calm the exhibitionist inside of you?

  • 2. When you go online, do you have fun?

    Do you like to chat and flirt with guys until they start emptying their wallets, or are you strictly paid to play? Are you having fun, or are you working on the principle of "No money - no honey" treating it exclusively in a business-like manner?

  • 3. Are you trying to make your shows interactive?

    Do you have a Lovense? Do you have any interesting games to play with the viewers of the stream?

  • 4. Do you keep notes about your members or regulars?

    Are you trying to find out who they are and what they like? Do you reward them by putting their name in bio like high tippers or do you use this option in chatbots? Do you see your viewers as people who want to have fun or do you treat them exclusively as bank cards/purses/accounts full of money?

  • 5. Are you researching interesting topics or pop culture references?

    Do you talk about them during your shows? Do you add them as keywords to the themed videos you post?

  • 6. Are you open to feedback?

    When someone says that the camera was shaking too much, or everything looks blurry on a custom video, do you suggest/ will you suggest to redo everything?

  • 7. Do you make efforts to improve your content?

    Do you know about "Hollywood" lighting, or other lighting methods? Do you invest part of your income back into the business by buying new equipment, toys, underwear?

  • 8. Are all your profiles (bio, social networks) configured correctly?

    Is there a direct link from your Chaturbate to Twitter, which, in turn, will lead to ManyVids and other sites? Have you realized that the number of subscribers on social networks, despite the fact that no one buys anything, still leads to more money?

  • 9. Have you researched all the ways to make money in your industry?

    Do you sell clips, custom videos, premium Snapchat, Onlyfans, used underwear, one-on-one sessions, streaming on various sites?

  • 10. Do you have a couple of free teasers on PornHub, XNXX and Reddit with direct links to your paid videos?

  • 11. Are trolls and beggars bothering you?

    Do you attract them, feed them a lot of unnecessary communication or free content, or just ignore them and focus on your real fans?

  • 12. Do you do any negativity online?

    Your presence in social networks is accompanied by the fact that you participate in another heated debate about why Putin is a sucker? Have you ever thought about how any negative messages in your profile lead to the fact that you lose your account and all subscribers on it?

  • 13. Have you realized that you need a little discipline to succeed in webcam?

    Do you regularly create and publish content on a relatively predictable schedule?

  • 14. Do you care about your physical and mental health?

    Are you working on your appearance? Do you invest in massage and take enough breaks to get your head in order? Do you have a friend who knows what you're doing?

  • 15. Have you been looking for mentors in the community of sex workers and content creators?

    Did you communicate with your peers? Are you open enough to show less experienced girls the right direction so that they can achieve the same as you? Are you humble enough to watch and learn from other more experienced models?