Tips for Earning Money in Webcams

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Since the webcam and adult industry, in general, play by the same rules as any other industry in the free market, it means that the promotion and pricing tools should be used the same way. The wheel has already been invented, webcam models are no longer just jerking off, but they also consider debit and credit, taking pictures for reddit in parallel, making promotions and discounts on onlyfans and all this is fun and fervently mixed with a profit forecast for the next year.

Why do I need this? This is your question, right? There is a choice, but while you go online at a God-knows-what time, having got the maximum instagram for members, another model has already dragged all her members to a paid snapchat, and another one can safely go on vacation for a couple of months, knowing that there is always someone to feed offline content and who can allow them to earn money for life.

This is not a scheme that suits everyone, someone takes a shot and it works, someone gets only 5% of the total income. The point is not even in all of these social networks, WhatsApp and extra content but in the fact that the market is expanding and changing: adjust or leave.


Using new and creative camera angles is the easiest way to attract viewers, engage them in your shows and keep their attention so they don't leave. Viewers are exactly the same as us, after looking at the screen for a while, they start to switch off (lose attention) because their brain thinks they are watching TV. Thus, in order to interest them, you have to interact with your camera, move it (on a tripod or in your hands), move your laptop (if there is a built-in webcam), and, most importantly, you have to start your shows using a unique angle. The best thing about this technique is how simple it is for the model. You will work 2 times less, getting 2 times higher results.

  • Make a POV (point of view, first person) for your viewers. A first-person view will allow your viewers to feel more involved in your show, because there is an imitation of what a person would see with their own eyes. So, the next time you do a blowjob, put your camera in a way so that it looks down at you, thereby creating a first-person view for your viewers. For them, it will look like they're looking down on you while you're doing the show.

  • Maintain visual stimulation of your viewers. Have several angles for working in free chat, as well as different "special" angles for private/group shows. You should always change the camera angle a little when you go to private, if your picture in a private show looks the same as in a free chat, your viewer will not feel that they are getting something different. This little detail will make a big difference to your earnings and audience satisfaction.

  • "Work, baby! Don’t be shy!" If you have multiple webcams, you should try using them simultaneously from different angles. This will attract additional attention and will look very interesting to the audience (This is called a picture in a picture, it is recommended to do it in OBS, but if desired, you can implement it in a splitter).

How to increase reach and views?

Getting the maximum number of viewers is the main issue of all performers, and if you just follow all the tips listed here, you will always have new viewers. It is also important to remember that the number of viewers is not constant and may be more/less day by day, but no matter how many viewers you have in the room, you should do all the same things for ten viewers as you would do for one thousand. Use these methods to get fast and sustainable results.

  • Use all the advantages of a bright preview of the room on the site and use bright colors in the broadcast and interior as well as a lot of movement, i.e., that means you should keep moving your webcam from time to time; do not forget about a smile and, of course, broadcast from an interesting location.

  • Be consistent in your broadcasts and use the site's tools to create schedules, hashtags of the rooms, show schedules so that viewers know when (and where) to join the broadcast.

  • There is another way to work with the schedule. When viewers always see you online at the same time, it develops their trust in you, and they will visit your room more often, only because you are always on the site at the same time as they are.

  • Be open to all new things. Just the fact that your viewers know your nickname doesn't mean it will be easy to drag them back to the broadcast. You need them to add you to their favorites/specials or to subscribe to you on the website or any other social network - this will help a lot in the future. Say it out loud and duplicate your every stream in the chat.

  • Give them a topic to talk about. Present your today's show/raffle/contest/news agenda.

  • Pin the most important tweet on Twitter with all the links that are important to you: your webcam site, Reddit, Instagram, Onlyfans.

  • It's also a really good idea to make an email newsletter with an invitation to buy something from your videos or photos, or an invitation to stream. It is advisable to accompany all this with a couple of photos or a clip.

Content is the head of everything

  • How long ago was this picture taken? (try to leave only relevant photos)

  • Do all my photos actually show me? (sounds silly, but happens all the time)

  • If I wasn't a model, would I retweet this photo? (even though adult content is harder to share now, that doesn't mean we don't need subscribers who can be asked to promote you and to share your content)

  • When viewers come visit my website page or clip gallery, is there an invitation to come back and to watch my show? Do you have free teaser promo videos or albums? (Your promo video works for you while you're away, so let this promo video be a way to show you and your sexy personality to potential customers. This video will be more effective if it's not a cumshow, don't show it all at once)

  • How many times have I used this photo on social media to promote? If your photo collection (for twitter, tumblr, instagram and your website page) consists of the same 4-5 images - make an investment in creating new content.

The most important tool for attracting fans is your content, and right now it is especially important that your distributed content is SFW (without nudity). Review all your photos and videos, select the one that meets this criterion.

Other reasons to create content: Profit & Promotion. It's not just your time that can be exclusive. A private collection of videos and videos on ManyVids sites should be sold at different prices. This is the same amount of work, but the difference is in one sale or in possible multiple sales - the price must match. Change EVERYTHING: costumes, props/toys, poses, script/dialogues, partners.

Time management techniques

It sounds boring, but they allow you to structure your show and make it work more smoothly, which means that it will be easier for you to moderate and to manage the whole work, and it also helps your viewers not to be confused from time to time while watching. You will be able to use much less energy during the show using competent time management, because you will focus on one thing at a time and will not try to do everything together.

In simple words, this means doing one version of the show for a while, and not rushing to the goal shows, private or group shows, Skype, or ticket shows. In general, showing everything at once in the hope of making more money this way will not work.

Focusing on one thing allows you to achieve one goal and move on to the next one, effectively using your time and energy to show your viewers what they deserve. If you run from one to another all the time, from public shows to private ones, you will lose your viewers. After the private session, it becomes twice as difficult to gather all the viewers back. It's just not an efficient use of your time and energy.

There will never be more time. Work Smart - NOT Hard.

In addition to your work, structure your life. Find a convenient schedule that works for you and stick to it. Do not forget about offline work, separate days or hours to work on promotion, social networks and your content. This will not only help your viewers to know when to search for you online, but also to have an idea of when to expect a new release of content or to be able to write you messages on social networks. In addition, do not forget about the mandatory weekend, not to burn out at work and to have the opportunity to do something new. Tip: If you do not want or cannot be linked to the calendar, then at least provide the necessary minimum of information by notifying members a week in advance, or specifying approximate time intervals.

Once again: don't go private in the middle of your public show. Finish the main show and after that, by the end of your stream, you can go to private. Your viewers should get used to it and be sure that if they help you to close your public goals with their tips, you will not leave them by going to only private shows.


How to develop this Tip Trust? During your public show, state your goals and disable the option to go private in the website settings. When you have finished your public show, you can change your camera position (for this it is useful to have two angles of the work area), clothes or lighting (to make it more intimate), so that your viewers would notice that something has changed, and you then you can go in private. To make a private at the end means not to rush anywhere, to be ready and relaxed. You can announce your desire to go private at the end from the very beginning, so that those who agree would look forward to it and maybe even tell everyone about it in the chat.

More details:

  • Do what you like!

  • Outsource some work (video, moderation of the room, promotion in the social network).

  • For editing, use Adobe Premiere, Imovie, and a lot of people still prefer editing content on the phone.

  • To understand the minimum you need to earn for one session of broadcasting, simply multiply your expenses by two and divide this figure by the number of days you work.

What camera should I use?

The truth is that most sites devour the quality of the broadcast image, so even if you broadcast in 4K, your viewers will see the worst quality of the broadcast (and many still watch from the phone). We do not suggest that you stream from some cheap devices, but we also do not recommend you to necessarily buy a mirrorless camera.

A decent HD webcam can be used indefinitely, without the need to buy any additional equipment or to change the battery. In general, it is important not to rely too much on our tools and to focus on the technique of performing your show and on a creative approach. We strongly recommend using OBS and recording your own shows for promotion and sale.

There is also an observation that the picture is sometimes not as important as clean and high-quality sound, so if you have a Logitech 920, you use a built-in microphone and are going to update the camera in the future - I advise you to invest in a good professional sound first. Members, having stopped hearing the echo and buzzing of loud unintelligible music, will be drawn into a dialogue with you trying to listen to every words that you drop.


The way you decide to light up your room is an important part of the mood and atmosphere for your show. This does not mean that you should have perfect professional lighting to achieve excellent results, only that you should avoid common lighting mistakes that may not only look unflattering on camera, but will negatively affect the quality of your show as well. Apply these lighting techniques in any setting to look great in the frame, draw attention to your room with your previews and help keep the audience's attention while they are watching your show.

  • Make sure that you do not have light on the skin or interior, as well as there is no "noise" in the image from insufficient illumination.

  • Reduce the brightness of the computer screen. At full brightness, additional light is reflected from the webcam and can affect the quality of the stream. Because of the extra light, you will also look blurry or even blue. Avoid harsh light on exposed parts of the body, use a softbox (or pull a T-shirt over a floor lamp).

  • Whatever lighting equipment you use, make sure that you install the light so that it reflects off the walls and then back at you. The light directed at you is too sharp and you may look like a blurry ghost because of it. The reflection of light from the walls creates a soft, winning effect and reduces unwanted shadows.

  • Choose a color! Make sure that all your light bulbs have the same color. Having more than one tone of white will disrupt the white balance on the camera and make all the colors on the stream strange, including skin color. To prevent this from happening, all you have to do is to buy some energy-saving (LED) light bulbs with a soft white or daytime white light. These light bulbs will work for a long time, they will save energy, and, most importantly, will not heat up.