Risks in Working as a Web Model

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It is profitable to work as a web model. There are good prospects for girls, boys and couples. But you need to remember that choosing this occupation means staying cautious 24/7.

Our team does everything to create a safe working environment for our models. Personal data is stored on third-party services securely encrypted, so it will not be used against you. But it is important not to forget that models themselves must comply with some rules.

Personal information

Never share personal information with customers. Members can ask for your location (e.g., in which country and which city you live), ask for a phone number, social networks. Never share such information.

Strangers usually promise models to pay them more money if they communicate with them directly. This might be true — after all, you do not have to pay a commission. But in fact, such communication can turn into a full extorsion or blackmail.

Be cautious with your photos

Photos of a web model are always a part of their portfolio. It is clear that customers are pleased to see them. Never take or post the same photos on your work and personal accounts. It is very important to separate personal life and work.

Browsers allow users to compare photos and to find out to whom exactly they belong to, thus one's identity can be easily revealed. Don't make that mistake. ALWAYS SEPARATE YOUR PRESONAL LIFE AND WORK. They can’t come together.

Maintaining working social networks will help you gain popularity and increase earnings. But manage them with full responsibility for your actions.

Life story

Once you have started working as a webcam model, you need to think through your fake life story. Try to create one so that it has nothing to do with your real life.

  • Change the place and the date of birth;

  • Do not talk about your education, profession;

  • Hide your marital status;

  • Do not mention the names of your friends or relatives.

Some customers will try their best to get this information. Don’t let them catch you off guard. The information should not be provided in any case. This will cause serious trouble for you.

Fraud in Free Chat

When you are in a free chat, you may be asked to show a full show. At the same time, such members can represent themselves as employees of the administration. Don't believe it. Our team will never ask you for inappropriate things, much less they’ll start to demand it.

Thus, be aware — this is 100% fraud. In a free chat, you are not required to show anything at all. It all depends on your desire. And no one can force you.

Webcam girl's profile

Take care of your anonymity and security even at the stage of filling out the questionnaire. Do not specify reliable personal data in it. We securely keep them, and that's enough.

In the questionnaire you can specify any not reliable personal data. It might be

  • any date of birth;

  • any country of residence;

  • any marital status;

  • any preferences.

When doing webcam modeling, do not forget to take care of yourself. The studio will do everything to make it comfortable for you to work. But a lot of things depend on how seriously you take this job.