Working as a Webcam Model From a Phone

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Progress does not stand still. This also affects the webcam industry. Now web models can work either from a desktop computer or from other devices.

If earlier the main tool of the model was a PC or a laptop, today you can also use a tablet and even a smartphone for work. There are special applications for the latter.

Why is it convenient to work from a phone?

If you use a PC or a laptop for work, then your options are quite limited. A desktop computer will allow you to work only at one place without moving. With a laptop, you get a chance to move around your place, but it is still difficult to go somewhere else.

But if you work from a tablet or a smartphone, well… you will be able to please members with your appearance, wherever you are. Most customers want to watch you not only on a couch, but in everyday life as well. You can stream from a cafe, or a store, or just on the street — they will definitely appreciate it.

It is not necessary to connect to Wi-Fi, a stable 3G or 4G Internet connection will be enough. Just log in to the app from your smartphone or tablet and the broadcast will start.

Some essential life hacks if you work from your phone

If you work from a phone, then you need to take into consideration some nuances. Always remember that despite the fact that working from a phone is extremely comfortable and has a lot of pros, there are still some peculiarities a model should consider.

  • If a model works from some public place (a restaurant, a cafe, a park, or just a street), then they have to make sure that no strangers appear in the frame. There must not be any animals as well. If this rule is violated, a model will be banned.

  • Lighting is very important. Customers should get an image of a good quality. Make sure that the light is bright.

  • Pay attention to the angle, look for the best one. It is possible to understand whether the angle is good or not by the reaction of the audience.

  • Do not close the application in order to use other services, otherwise the broadcast will end.

  • For your own safety, try not to show everything that surrounds you, especially street signs and street names, or the names of buildings. This will allow you to remain anonymous.

  • Pay attention to communication. Just showing yourself to people is not enough. In addition to that, you need to communicate with members. Chat with them or use voice messages.

  • Do not forget about the appearance. Try to look attractive all the time.

  • Choose the background. It should be aesthetic. Broadcasting from a messy place is not the best option.

If you follow these simple rules, you will definitely become a popular webcam model, and you will be able to earn more, because your clients will know more details about you. You can also work anywhere and anytime.

How to get ready and get started

If you decide to stream from your phone, the success of your broadcast and the amount of money you get will depend on the level of preparations, so do well.

  • Use a tripod. This will help to conduct high-quality broadcasts. It is difficult to hold the phone in your hand for a long time. The hand will get tired, the image will worsen.

  • Be sure to make sure your phone or tablet is fully charged before you start broadcasting. Stream only from a charged device. If you don’t work at home and you broadcast a lot from somewhere else, then get a power bank.

  • It is better to conduct your first broadcasts from the phone at home, and not to go to other places. First things first, you need to get used to this. Shoot in different rooms, e.g., in the kitchen. Be sure that a stream from the bathroom will definitely interest most of your customers.

  • Ask about your provider's tariffs if you use mobile Internet instead of Wi-Fi. If necessary, switch to the tariff that will be more profitable for you.

If you do everything right, then your work from a mobile device will be comfortable for everyone and will open new opportunities for you.


It is convenient and profitable to work from a phone or a tablet. Then one is not tied to any particular place, and can work at any time convenient for them and to increase their earnings.

In cooperation with our studio, you will get the opportunity to work from a variety of devices, links to relevant applications, detailed Q&A sessions from our managers and the help of experienced webcam girls who are always happy to give advice to their young colleagues.