Working as a Webcam Model Without a Face

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Let's be frank: despite very good earnings and even the process of enjoying their work, not everyone is proud of the activities of webcam models’ job.

Someone really does not want acquaintances, friends and even relatives to find out about such occupation. The attitude to this type of earnings is quite biased, and not everyone will understand it.

Is it possible to work as a webcam model without a face?

If you are very afraid that someone might recognize you after seeing your video, you have a couple of ways to remain anonymous.

  • Block a certain country or region, a number of sites allow you to do this. In this case, the risk that friends, acquaintances and relatives will see you at work is minimal and even tends to zero. Unless, of course, they use a VPN, which is unlikely, since few people will think of using IP change services specifically to admire models and to use webcam websites.

  • Conduct your sessions without a face, so that only the body is in the frame. This is the case when a member will essentially see everything he came here for, but neither he nor anyone else will see your face. Is it good? In terms of anonymity, yes.

But you need to take into account that in fact the client wants to communicate with a real person and, of course, they want to imagine what this person looks like. Therefore, if you refuse to show your face, it may scare away some customers.

There is a way out — to communicate with one person as a client only in a private chat, where no one has an access except you and them.

Disadvantages of working "without a face"

The face is important for the model. But you can choose not to show it or work in a mask. It's only your choice. Many clients really want to see the face of their interlocutor, some of them are even willing to pay extra for it separately. However, the model is not obliged to anything. No one can force them to show their face.

This is not a verdict. If you are very sociable and you know how to get to a client’s good attitude, conduct active communication by correspondence or by phone — you will be able to earn even if your face is hidden.

Do not forget that most customers come to your chat for communication, and not for the visual component. This means that you must do everything to make it pleasant for them to communicate with you in the first place.

Advantages of working "without a face"

Of course, the main advantages include anonymity. If you don't show your face to the camera, it is very unlikely that some random guest will figure you out by a mole or a birthmark.

It may just be uncomfortable for you to work "with a face". You don't have to do that. But here we have to repeat: then we need to take others. For example, your sexy voice on the phone is quite capable of replacing your potential client with the absence of your appearance in front of the camera. But this will also have to be learned.

With or without a face?

Here each model decides for themselves. Most members prefer to communicate with models who are not shy about showing their face, but there are others.

If you work "without a face" and are ready to show only your body, then be prepared for the fact that the cost of your services, at least at the initial stage, will be lower than that of competitors.

Subsequently, if you make some effort, you will be able to match them and even surpass them in terms of earnings, but it will take time.

The big plus of the webcam model's industry is precisely that they can work the way they are most comfortable with. There are lots of earning options, and even thousands of earning options.