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Working as a model at home or in a physical studio are two formats of webcam streaming. Each of them has its own nuances. In this article we will analyze both options to make it easier for you to choose a way to earn money for yourself. And at the end, we’ll tell you about current vacancies in the Grand Models online service.

Working as a webcam model. Studio or home?

For those who have chosen to work as a webcam model, studios offer several options for cooperation. You can broadcast in a specially equipped place and pay rent for the premises and equipment. Everything will be set up for your streaming. If necessary, you will be provided with training on how to use the sites. There are companies that add bonuses in the form of a free wardrobe, a visit to the solarium, a photo shoot, and English lessons.
If working as a webcam model in a studio doesn't suit you, you can earn money from home. This format is more profitable if you have streaming equipment and no outsiders will interfere with your live broadcasts.
There is more freedom of movement when working remotely. You can take your smartphone or laptop and broadcast from anywhere in the world, combining streaming with travel. For models in the non-nude category, the boundaries in terms of earning money are completely erased. Since many sites allow broadcasts from public areas and streets. The main thing is that unregistered users should not be included in the frame. How does background blur help?

Webcam work for girls in a physical studio. Advantages and disadvantages

Webcam work for girls in a physical studio. Advantages and disadvantages

Webcam work for girls in the studio will appeal to sociable models who easily interact with the team. You will constantly meet in the same room during breaks and other meetings. This can often serve as additional inspiration. Such communication is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues.

The advantages include:

  • professional equipment;

  • stylish renovation that will increase the attractiveness of your broadcast;

  • stable schedule;

  • constant motivation to increase income;

  • availability of a trainer/translator;

  • Constant assistance in setting up and repairing equipment.

Among the minuses we highlight:

  • fines for missing a shift or other violations of studio rules (smoking, sloppiness);

  • work only at clearly scheduled times. During other hours, your room may be occupied. And the fact that your member urgently wants a private conversation will not worry anyone;

  • constant control over all actions and decisions in webcam work for girls in the studio;

  • large percentage of commission: from 50%.

It will be easier for those who have no experience in streaming to start making money in
professional company and go to the office. However, there are other prospects that you should be aware of.

Advantages and disadvantages of a webcam studio for remote work

Advantages and disadvantages of a webcam studio for remote work

Webcam studios for remote work also have their pros and cons for both beginning models and more experienced ones. The team will not distract you from the process, and for introverts this is the most comfortable option for collaborating with the company.


  • completely free schedule;

  • no fines;

  • assistance with registrations, payments, settings and training is carried out entirely remotely;

  • anonymity. You can broadcast without showing your face and no one will know about your profession;

  • unlimited broadcast time. If you're in the mood to stay with the members, no one will kick you out of your room;

  • the ability to stream from anywhere in the world. From a laptop or phone;

  • lower commission percentage (from 1% to 30%).


  • you will have to buy all the equipment yourself;

  • perhaps a feeling of isolation from the world;

  • you need to train discipline in order to go on live broadcasts consistently (without this it will be difficult to find regular clients);

  • There is not always an operator/translator/sexter available.

Webcam studios for remote work are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. However, for the sake of your safety and comfort, we recommend that you contact time-tested services. It is worth reading reviews on third-party resources and choosing the most convenient and profitable option for yourself based on the terms of service.

Webcam model. Work for girls in the Grand Models studio

The Grand Models service has been servicing webcam models since 2019. Work for girls in the remote studio takes place in a collaborative format.
Here you will not have bosses or critics.
You create a schedule as you wish. And you don’t have to worry about getting a fine for missing a scheduled shift. Even if it was listed on your website.
The only thing you can be fined for is violating the rules of the international platform on which you will broadcast. To avoid such consequences, it is important to familiarize yourself with the basics of streaming and prohibited activities on sites. There aren't many of them. Usually this is a ban on strangers in the frame, shows with secretions (blood, urine), etc.

Services provided by the service:

  • Registration and verification at 14 top international platforms;

  • Profile design with BIO from the designer upon request;

  • Free VPN;

  • 24/7 support. And an instant answer to any question that arises during the work process;

  • Settings, installing programs, solving technical problems 24/7;

  • Training and unlimited consultations from team coaches, which will help you immediately start making money on the new site and increase your checks;

  • Availability of a training base with a convenient information format (videos, notes);

  • Safe promotion to top positions on websites;

  • Convenient personal online account, which shows earnings statistics from all sites;

  • The ability to withdraw earned funds to any convenient details (cards, electronic wallets, cryptocurrency);

  • Stable payments 2 times a month and an additional function of daily payments upon request;

  • First early withdrawal without commission;

  • Motivating commission (from 1 to 17%).

All team members are happy to help and do everything for the comfort of webcam models. The work for girls in the studio is organized in such a way that you do not need to be distracted by organizational issues or waste time and nerves figuring out problems with supporting foreign sites. Grand Models takes care of all these issues. All you have to do is engage in the creative aspects of your profession and increase your income.

Other vacancies at the Grand Models webcam studio

Other vacancies at the Grand Models webcam studio

In addition to being a model, you can earn money in another job at the Grand Models webcam studio.
At the moment, the service is actively searching for recruiting agents.
The profession is completely remote and is especially suitable for those who have their own website, blog or group on a social network.

You will have at your disposal a convenient personal account with referral earnings statistics, a link and designer banners to attract models.
You will also be able to receive a stable salary twice a month or withdraw money daily upon request to any convenient details.

Income is from 25% of the amount the service earns from each person registered through your link.
In addition, all agents are paid an additional bonus of $10 for each model who earns $100 or more in 15 days.
On average, our agents who have set up a constant flow of traffic through their channels earn from $800 per period (two weeks).

You can use several sources of attraction.
Task: to profitably explain all the possibilities of earning money from a modeling vacancy at the Grand Models webcam studio. It is necessary to close all objections and answer questions from potential employees. To find the information you need about the profession, you will only need to go to your personal account in the training materials or articles section. Or you can chat 24/7 with service employees.
By the way, you can invite not only girls to stream! Transgenders, guys and couples can also bring you income.
For guys there are separate requirements: model/European appearance, athletic build and age from 18 to 30 years.

To get a job as an agent or model, register on the main page and fill out a short form. You can start earning money from day one anywhere in the world and from any device.