How to Deal with Recorded Broadcasts on Webcam Sites

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Broadcasting on the Internet is always fraught with the risk of being recorded and merged into other advertising resources, where happy members will earn money from views. Unfortunately, no one is immune to this, only if you do not hang your entire room with water signs and send a flying warning through OBS. But you must agree, no one would be interested in looking at such picture.

If you don't neglect watching other people's streams, then you clearly noticed a flying DMCA icon on someone's broadcast. This is done through the OBS program, and if you really want it, you can contact our support service (if you are our model) or read about it on the Internet.

Is it really needed? Yes, most likely it will protect you from recording and uploading videos with you to other resources, but many members will not be very pleased to watch this green icon jumping off the sides of the monitor. And if you study the merged content, sometimes you may be surprised that not only public broadcasts, but also private shows are merged. But you still want to go to the private chat, don’t you? You should also be prepared for the fact that some people can simply clog your watermark in the video editor or crop the video.

Try to treat it as a free way of advertisement. After all, if you look at such sites, users always indicate the nickname of the model. The probability is small, but someone might get a desire to watch your streams online.

Do it the best way:

  • Neon sign with your nickname in the background;

  • Lay out the DMCA abbreviation in letters from cubes or other components, and also put it in the background, so that whatever position you take, the letters stand out;

  • The easiest option for everyone is to print the letters DMCA on A4 and hang it somewhere with some tape;

  • Add a DMCA icon to OBS (you can give it an option to fly over the screen, or you can fix it and tie to one spot).

Set priorities for yourself: is it more important for you to sit with four strange letters in the background or to earn money in private? If you are sure that the earnings will be good with the letters, then do not worry and do what you think is necessary.

Keep it in your head: what gets on the Internet stays there forever

There are guys who, for a separate amount of money, will help to remove as much information about you on the Internet and search queries as you want. If you are eager to do this, then be aware that it’s not easy. Here you can find some options

Many sites have a very service oriented structure and can also help with the removal of your content.

On the Chaturbate website, you can contact their support service [email protected] with a letter and attach a URL link to your photos or videos.

There is also a similar offer on Stripchat (mail for appeals: [email protected] , you can read more here:

And on all other sites, if you dig around at the bottom of the page, there is a feedback button or contacts through which you can reach the support of the site with links to the sources with downloaded broadcasts.

If you work on the same site, it will be easier for you, because in the vast majority of such cases when contacting the site personally, they can start showing off and start saying there is no logo on your merged record. This logo can be easily done in the same OBS or, if you are extremely devoted to only one site, you can even print out their logo and hang it somewhere. There are various options. If they are not of your liking, you can come up with new ones.

Another way to delete your data on the Internet is to contact a search engine directly, for example, Google. Here is a detailed description of what you need to do: google dmca.

Another useful link from Google, how to contact the webmaster of any site where you found your merged content: How to contact the webmaster of the site.

Application form for the removal of photos and videos of a sexual nature (but before that, it is better to first contact the webmaster of that site): How to delete from Google.

And another useful article about this: Analysis of DMCA services.