Private Chat Practice

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What does the viewer want?

Let's clarify for what purposes members visit webcam chats, what they want to find here. Each client is different, but their goals are similar to each other.

As a rule, the viewer wants to:

  • get arousal or erotic discharge after a hard day of work;

  • diversify their time, chat with a sexy girl or a boy;

  • attract attention, to feel the sympathy of a beautiful model;

  • to increase their own self-esteem.

How is the webmodel's show built during the broadcast?

The show during the broadcast can be built according to different scenarios. The model should focus on the personal traits of the client and try to fulfill their needs. If you could not determine which type of a client is in front of you, most likely, communication will continue according to one of two options:

Option one.

The viewer will leave, because they realize that you do not understand them and want to impose your own rules of the game.

Option two.

The viewer will stay until the end. This person might be rich or still wants to find support from your side. But as minutes pass they will become more and more disappointed and, as a result, they will no longer come to your private chat.

Well, whatever you do is your responsibility, but without regular customers, you will not have access to permanent earnings. And there is no question of increasing demand. Minutes in the chat are not as important as you who have to learn how to understand the needs of the audience. Therefore, you need to be able to determine what type of a user is in front of you in the first seconds of the broadcast.

What does a private show consist of? It consists of:

  • The beginning. The model gets to know the client.

  • Foreplay. The model undresses and starts dancing a striptease.

  • Development. The stage of virtual sex.

  • Climax. Orgasm.

  • The end of the show. Farewell to the client.

But there are exceptions in every private chat. Someone will want to switch to sex right away. And someone will be ready to finish with just a foreplay stage. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the client. The task of the model is to acquire the highest skill and the ability to behave so that the culmination of the show coincides with the moment when the client runs out of tokens. They will have to buy an additional bunch of tokens, because the desire to bring everything to the end will be irresistible. This method is available only for experienced models who have learned to understand the psychology of the users well. Newcomers will initially fit into the client's budget. For that, they will make a good advertisement for themselves and get several regular customers.

During each show, divide it into five stages in your head, each of which should take an equal amount of time. If the client has only five minutes, each stage will last a minute. But if the show lasts from half an hour, then the duration of the stages will need to be distributed differently. Foreplay and development can take two to three times longer than a greeting. Usually, it turns out that the stage of removing underwear takes about ten minutes. Thus, inexperienced webcam models only annoy the client. But you can't undress too quickly, because the client may also be disappointed and prefer to end the broadcast.

So how do you start?

  • 1. You have started a private conversation.

    As soon as you hit the green button, start your show. The viewer should see how you move, how you smile. No need to just glance and stare at the screen.

  • 2. Acquaintance.

    Say hello to the audience if you haven't had such an opportunity before. Greeting is necessary to build customer feedback. So, you will understand the manner of their behavior, feel the mood. Be sure to estimate the amount of time they bought. Based on this, build your show. As a rule, users who buy only five minutes know what they want to get and speak about it directly. If the client has bought more minutes, try to entertain them so that they spend all the time only with you.

  • 3. Ask what the viewer's name is.

    In response, you can introduce yourself. The name doesn't have to be real. Some clients do not understand why they need to introduce themselves to the model, because they did not come to get acquainted, but to have a good time. In this case, there is no need to insist - choose another topic for conversation. At the same time, do not forget to make sexual movements: stroke yourself, show excitement and try to excite the client as well as soon as possible. Your speech should be as seductive as you are.

  • 4. Find out the client's wishes.

    You can't directly ask a client what they want or what needs to be done for them. The viewer expects you to guess all their fantasies yourself. Don't ruin their hopes. There are enough clients in the chats who speak out their desires themselves. If the user is silent, and you do not get at all what they expect from you, then carefully start a conversation with leading questions. Be tactful and circumspect, because there are people who may be offended because of the model's hints about sex. They came here to relax, and then to start the main course.

Remember, any of your questions that you address to the client should be asked naturally, fitting into the script of your show. Do not go beyond your image. If you are a sexy teacher, your questions should correspond to the image of a teacher.

Let's summarize the results

If you want your viewers to visit private chat more often and them to like communicating with you, then take notes of a few tips:

  • Try to behave in such a way that not only the client has fun with you, but you also enjoy communicating with them;

  • Do not forget that there must be an erotic subtext in every movement of the model;

  • Learn to have fun during seduction;

  • Open your sexual fantasies to the client, relax and also have fun;

  • When you get excited, you automatically excite the viewer as well;

  • Behave confidently.