Private Chat Practice

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What does the viewer want?

Despite the multi-million audience and the difference in the interests of each viewer, among them there are common goals for visiting webcam sites.

As a rule, the viewer wants:

  • Diversify your pastime by communicating with a sexy model;

  • Watch an erotic show;

  • Get emotional and sexual relaxation;

  • Increase self-esteem;

  • Deliver pleasure to the model, thereby asserting itself;

  • Find understanding.

How is a web model show built during the broadcast?

In order for communication to be most productive, the model needs to learn to understand the types of members and the reasons for visiting her private. You can learn more about the most common types of adult site visitors here.

If the model, without understanding the true needs of the member, imposes her script on the show to everyone, she will fail. Either the viewer will immediately freak out and go to another account, or he will tolerate your persistence. But, most likely, it will never return to you.

The better you establish mutual understanding, the greater the likelihood that at the end of the private, both parties will be satisfied, and the client will want to return again. This is an important point. Since regular customers are the basis of earning a web model. The main task is to create as large a base of constants as possible.

What does a private show consist of:

The classic private show of the Nude/Hot category consists of the following parts:

  • 1. Start. Getting to know the visitor.

  • 2. Prelude. The model undresses / dances a striptease / all participants of the private undress.

  • 3. Stage of virtual sex.

  • 4. Climax. Orgasm.

  • 5. End of the show. Farewell to the client. Gratitude.

But in every private there are exceptions. Someone wants to immediately switch to intimacy. And for some, foreplay will be enough. It all depends on the individual wishes of the client. The highest degree of skill is the ability to distribute the time of the private so that the end of the show coincides with the moment when the client runs out of tokens and needs are satisfied.

Another good scenario is if you motivated the member to refill the balance with tokens in order to continue the private show. But this is already an advanced level of webcam skills.

To learn how to properly distribute the time of the show, mentally divide the minutes of the private into 5 equal parts. It is convenient to do this when the user buys a certain number of minutes at once. If the client has 30 minutes, each part of the show should take ±6 minutes.

For convenience at first, while you have not yet learned to feel the time, we recommend setting a timer near the screen. In order to evenly conduct the show and not delay, for example, at the dating stage.
Since very long conversations can scare away the viewer, who came to satisfy only sexual desires.

How to start a private show?

Start with a hello

Let it show the difference between a private chat and a free one. Blow a kiss, smile, change the angle and show the member genuine joy. Let him feel that he made the right choice when he invited you to spend time alone.


In a private room, you set up a more intimate setting. The visitor must trust you and be liberated. You can exchange names instead of the nicknames specified in the chat. (For such cases, you must have a second alias). If the client does not want to give his real name, do not insist. Just change the subject. Find out his age, country of residence, marital status. Everything that may be useful to you in the future, write down in the notes built into the site.

Find out the client's desires

Try to gently ask about the goals and mood with which the member came. At this moment, you will understand what line of behavior to build with him.
If there are no allusions to sex, you do not need to start this topic first. Flirt, flirt and keep talking.

There are visitors who immediately say what they want to see, and they even name specific poses. With them, you can simply complete the “Classic scenario”, adhering to the timing.

With those who come to satisfy deeper psychological needs, you can chat for hours and extend such a pastime for many years.

Therefore, sociable and sociable models earn no less than those who undress a lot and quickly.
Each model chooses its own format of behavior and attracts the appropriate audience, according to their interests.

A few tips for attracting viewers to private:

  • Be confident. The member will feel that you know how to entertain him and will choose you.

  • Try to find something good in every visitor and broadcast a positive attitude towards the viewers.

  • Try to make your every movement elegant and sexy.

  • Enjoy your work and seduction.

  • Don't be afraid to open up your sexual fantasies to visitors. This can give you both pleasure.

  • When you get aroused, you automatically excite the viewer.