Part-time work for girls with a big salary and a flexible schedule. Which vacancy should I choose?

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If you are a girl who wants to quickly find a job where you can spend less effort, time and receive your hard earned money on the same day. A part-time job with daily pay is suitable for you.

Daily work for girls

Let's consider different options for part-time jobs that can be found on Avito and other message boards in cities such as Moscow, Ufa, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, as well as remotely on the Internet. It is very difficult to find a part-time job that pays a decent salary, especially when we do not have specialized skills. Most often there are advertisements with vacancies for the position of cleaner, waiter and sales floor worker in a supermarket.

Cleaners can negotiate a fee for each room they clean. If the work is expected to take place in a couple's home, they may offer additional income. For example, for preparing meals and buying groceries. For those who know how to cook delicious home-cooked meals, this is a good option to earn several thousand more per outing.

Waiters usually receive a small salary once a month; vacancies with daily pay are less common. But clients tip every day. The amount of money earned in this profession depends on luck, the quality of guest service and the general mood.

Sales floor employees in supermarkets receive fairly modest wages. However, the job most often requires a daily payment. In chain supermarkets, the staff is responsible for displaying goods, removing expired products, and periodically consulting with customers.

All of these jobs require you to be on your feet all day, which is quite a negative factor for many. Especially if we don’t want to spend a lot of energy on a part-time job. An alternative to this could be to work on the Internet with daily payment. We'll look at this option, but first we'll look at what's on offer in the cities.

Part-time work in Moscow with daily pay for girls

There are many part-time vacancies in Moscow with payments on a daily basis. However, the city is large, and there is a risk of stumbling upon deception. It’s good that for the most part, you only risk wasting your energy and time for one day.
Let's look at a few examples of vacancies and amounts from employers.

Packer at a clothing warehouse. Salary 2500 rubles per shift (5000 days). Work in a warehouse. Transport from the metro to the warehouse is provided.

Parcel sorter. Responsibilities include opening containers, bags, boxes with mail, registering them in the program, sorting, preparing accompanying documentation (waybills), receiving/transferring parcels from site to site.
The shift is quite long - 22 hours. The remaining 2 hours a day you can rest and smoke. They offer 5,000 rubles for this work.

Picker at a book warehouse. All types of work involve processing book products: sticking price tags, packaging/distributing book products, assembling, bundling, sorting, delivering, checking orders, etc. All types of work without heavy lifting.
Here you will have breaks every 2 hours. The company provides a set lunch for all employees and corporate transport. The exit fee is fixed - 1500 rubles.

Part-time work in Ufa for girls with daily pay

In Ufa, girls can get a part-time job with employment for several hours a day. For example, by courier. Candidates are accepted even over 45 years of age. The job requires you to deliver food. Therefore, you will need to be as fast as possible so that the food does not have time to cool down. Delivery can be done on foot or by bicycle/scooter. Therefore, it is advisable to know your way around the city well in order to correctly calculate your time and energy. Income - up to 3,400 rubles per day, depending on the number of completed orders.

Car washers can also work with daily pay. No experience required.
There are minimum exit payments if there are not enough cars. The schedule is flexible and will be discussed at the interview. Salary is approximately 3,000 rubles per shift.

A cashier in a store can work at any convenient schedule and work a shift (8-12 hours) in the morning, afternoon or evening. In addition to working at the cash register, you will need to help with product display. They will teach you everything. For one exit they promise from 1800 to 2200 rubles.

Part-time work for girls with daily pay in Krasnodar

Pickers in Krasnodar can earn 3,000 rubles for a twelve-hour shift. You can choose morning or night time. You will need to pack the goods using a hand-held terminal together with a friendly team. Corporate transport is also provided.

If you know how to cook, there are establishments in this city with daily payments starting from 3,000 rubles. Shifts are expected to be 3/3. A free schedule is not implied. Companies offer transportation for employees, meals and uniforms at the expense of the company.

There is an option to work part-time as a salesperson in a grocery store. They may offer a 3/3 shift schedule of 12 hour shifts. Salary 3000 rubles per day + 600 rubles per day paid for transportation costs. You need to be smiling and positive. No work experience required. All duties and work with the 1C scanner are taught. There is an important point - a health certificate is required.

Part-time work in Yekaterinburg with daily pay for girls

Promoters in Yekaterinburg can earn from 1,500 rubles. Citizenship can be any. The work is not difficult, everything is taught, so you can get paid from the first day. You will need to either hand out flyers at a designated location. Or sort ads and post/deliver them to mailboxes.

For girls who have a driver's license, the option of working part-time in a taxi is suitable. The schedule is free. You can rent a car, but it’s more profitable to drive your own. Payment from 2900 rubles. Calculation: from 40% to 50% up to 5000 rubles. Anything over 5000 is paid 100% to the driver. Some companies provide fuel, washing, washer fluid, maintenance, repairs, tires and tires at their own expense.

You can also receive daily payments by working as a dishwasher. A shift usually lasts about 12 hours. They promise to pay 1,800 rubles per shift for it. It is not a fact that you will wash dishes all the time without stopping. It depends on the size and demand of the institution in which you get a job.

Part-time work for girls with daily payment on the Internet

You can easily find part-time jobs with daily earnings on the Internet. It is very comfortable! Just imagine, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can sit in your cozy room, drink warm tea and at the same time work on a free schedule.
Does it look like a fairy tale? And for many this is already commonplace.

There are many vacancies, and to choose the right one, you will need to understand what you like to do or what talents you have? You may need to undergo some training to improve your skills.

If you know how to express your thoughts in an interesting way and write texts competently, you can make money by writing articles or posts on social networks. The profession of a copywriter or SMM manager is suitable for this. Income will vary depending on your experience and agreements with the client. One article or post can cost from 500 rubles to several thousand. You will need to delve into the client’s subject matter and be able to write in several genres.
This option is suitable for diligent girls who can perform monotonous actions for long periods of time.

Those who like to correspond with people and are not afraid to sell can get a job as a sales manager. Most often, such vacancies require a stable shift schedule. Incomes start from 20 and sometimes reach 100 thousand rubles.

For creative girls who love attention, communication with people, and quick and easy earnings, the vacancy of an online chat model is suitable. This is a highly paid part-time job that does not require experience. Most of the time you just need to chat with chat visitors. Sometimes communication goes into voice or video format, which costs more. You choose whether you want to see your interlocutor or not.

To work as an online chat model, you do not need to have good looks or certain body measurements. The only main criterion is your age.
The work schedule is flexible. Clients on websites pay in dollars. Spending at least 4 hours a day on the Internet, your income will be from 4500, if converted to rubles.

Models who correspond and broadcast from their phones are not at all limited in their movements. You can earn money by sitting in a cafe or traveling by car. If you need to move to another city, you can easily take your part-time job with you in your pocket.

In order to start earning money from the first day of work, you can contact the Grand Models service. He specializes in servicing models and provides free training, registrations, promotion, as well as payments to any convenient details. You can receive your first income on your card after your first shift.

Since 2019, the Grand Models service has been helping girls earn from $50 daily for 4-5 hours of work remotely. And this is just from one site! Those who have a computer can combine different platforms and earn several times more.

The company has 2 vacancies. Girls who communicate with foreign viewers in online chat earn the most. Visitors come from different countries around the world. To ensure mutual understanding with clients, websites have built-in translators. Many foreign residents suffer from loneliness and are ready to pay hundreds, thousands of dollars to the model who will brighten up their evening with her online company.

The second vacancy in the service is an agent for attracting models. You can post ads on the Internet or tell your friends about the benefits of working as a model by attaching your referral link. Thus, for each attracted referral you can receive a percentage of his earnings.

To register on the site, you need to fill out a form and upload all documents. Operators are on call 24/7 and will tell you within 30 minutes how to prepare for work.