Security when Working with a Webcam Model

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Working on the Internet is, of course, a lot of fun, but we have to be cyber-smart and make safe choices every time. Even things that start out fun, such as meetings, sharing personal social media accounts, email addresses, or details of your personal life, can lead to a disaster. In addition, there are risky things that we do without thinking, such as Skype shows, tweets or posts with photos without disabling the geotags on the phone, accepting payments from third parties such as Paypal (this is acceptable for most adult platforms, but the sender sees your first and last name), or accepting gifts with Amazon even hiding your address - it can all be risky.

There are obvious security rules: never share your passwords or click on links. This doesn't mean that the Internet is a scary place, it just means that you have to be smarter and trust your gut feeling! Listen to your inner voice, if something seems strange, it probably is. You can always contact someone on the platform to check if something (or someone) is real.

We are all guilty of becoming too trusting when we are comfortable with our viewers. A good way to prevent the leakage of secrets (and personal information) is to make a list of all your personal information that you would never share on the Internet and stick to this list. This list serves as a reminder when you stop being vigilant, and then suddenly remember: “It's on the list - it can't be shared!”.

Trustworthy sites will never:

  • Ask you for your passwords or access to your account... they don't need it. Send emails from any address other than the official one @САЙТ.сом (but in gmail it can be hacked somehow - so we return to the point - do not pass passwords to the third parties). Everything else is a scam!

  • To contact you via Skype for admin purposes related to your account, your money, to “ban you”, file a complaint, force you to audition for something from the show. If this ever happens, then immediately inform the admins of the username or other known data.

  • Just meeting other models at a show is one thing, but collaborating with them is completely different. This has happened wrong so many times that it is almost a guarantee that there is no need to be spontaneous about such things.

  • If you are pressured by viewers who want to meet, the same rules apply. It's always a bad idea! To stop these requests, all you have to say is “camsite prohibits models who meet in person, and we may have trouble even just talking about it with the new laws that have just been passed, so don't talk about it.”

  • Disable geotags and GPS location on your camera in your phone so that your location is not included in the image metadata. It's easy to find, just look in the camera app settings.

  • Don't leave personal items in the background of your show. This includes addresses, streaming in front of open windows with street signs (or without them, it doesn't matter - don't show windows), school textbooks, bills, family photos, turning on local radio stations, etc.

  • Protect your address and location when accepting gifts from Amazon using mail forwarders' services.

  • Do not use the same SFW photos on adult platforms and in your personal social networks. Google can link them.

  • When filling out any DMCA forms or content removal forms, make sure that you use your nickname (example: Nikole Nightly) and one of the addresses provided to you by the mail forwarder. Everything you specify in the DMCA form will be displayed instead of the deleted content for 30 days.

  • For God's sake, if you use Paypal, just stop. What are you even doing? Honestly Venmo, Cashapp, Giftrocket ... They will all ban you and keep your money.