Equipment for a web model: how to choose and what to buy

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A very important point for successful webcam work is lighting. If the lighting is poorly chosen, then even the most expensive and best camera will not be able to transmit high-quality, beautiful video. If you watch professional footage - or take any good film as an example - there are always lighting directors in the credits and a whole team is working on it. Starting from pixels, and ending with corny shadows that fall in the wrong place. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this in the first place, even if you work not at home, but in a studio - especially since many ring lighting lamps are compact and you can take them with you to work.

But it's not just about power, you definitely need to look at the direction of the light. In no case should the light flux from your lamp be directed into the camera - since all lenses have a convex surface, you get glare that is not pleasant enough - and the worst thing is that you may not see them - but your client will definitely see them on big screen.

So how do you choose high-quality light for webcam work? Never think that a regular ceiling light is not suitable for work, even if the studio owner claims that such light is enough. In any case, the ceiling light will unfavorably emphasize the shadows on the face and highlight the imperfections of the figure - so immediately forget about it and start working with side light.

And of course, if you want to earn a lot of money - real and professional webcam workers never chat in normal daylight from the window. Firstly, this way you will not be able to control the level of lighting - and at the most interesting moment, suddenly a cloud will cover the sun - and the client will be dissatisfied that he cannot see what he wanted to see. We do not live in the sunniest regions, and even more so, do not forget that if you work for a foreign market, it will be night outside our window. And here one hundred percent will need artificial lighting. Therefore, if you want to become a successful model, take care of this in advance. Let's take a closer look at the lighting options that will suit you.

Soft Box

The optimal light source in this case will be a soft box, this is a stand on which several light bulbs are placed, and a shading cap so that the light falls in exactly the right direction. The most important effect of a soft box is that soft, uniform light hits the model (by the way, if you go to any mass market, all small items are taken using soft boxes) - this will give you a pleasant and vibrant skin color , allows you to emphasize makeup and adds saturation and richness to the picture. As a rule, large studios already have such lamps in their assortment, but if you work at home, you can buy it for $ 150-200, while the bulbs themselves will cost more money, which you can change by purchasing a cheap model for more powerful ones. By the way, I have a model friend who carries light bulbs with her and changes them in a studio softbox - and she is pleased with the effect.

Another common misconception is that the twilight in the cell creates an intimate atmosphere. In real life, this is often the case, but on the camera you will only achieve a deterioration in the quality of the picture, which will not please the client at all, starting from ripples and pixels, ending with a stupidly ugly picture - after all, clients have enough ugliness at home, and they come to you for beauty.

Ring Lamp

A compact version of the soft box, which is even installed on the camera - and the light falls on your face and body. Of the minuses, only a small stream of light, but in any case it will be better than without it. And their advantages are compactness - if you work in a studio, then it will not be superfluous to take such a lamp with you to work, especially since there are compact options, and they will greatly help you in your work.

And ask someone to test your picture, see how you look, set the lighting points and remember them - and you will see how grateful customers come to you again and again, saying that you look great)