Members in Webcam Chats

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Members are users of webcam sites who pay or do not pay, but sit, watch and communicate with models. In other words, these are all the people who are in your list of users during your broadcast.

When you write the word "member" in Google translate, you get the definition: a member, a participant, someone who has got membership of something.

Members at all sites somehow differ one from another. And each model will have a different opinion about this or that audience. Therefore, listen carefully, but check everything they say.

For example, for me, the most profitable members sit on chaturbate. Other friends of mine have one of the most profitable sites - stripchat. And it's useless to argue here, because everyone is lucky in different ways.

But all members have one thing in common – they are ordinary people; this can’t be only about money. If you treat them with contempt and hate them, but continue to sit on the webcam, then what’s the point? They all feel and see all your emotions, no matter how obvious may sound these or those words.

If you are not a tolerant person, then it will be hard for you, because on such sites the public is very diverse with the most unusual, at first glance, fetishes. No one will force you to do or to look at something if you don’t like it - you decide for yourself what things are acceptable for you and what is not. But you should not be rude to people with behavior that is far from normal for you, if their requests sound wild to you, then it's better to gently tell them that you are not interested in it. And in no case do not laugh at them. They come to webcam sites and try to find a person who will make their fantasies come true, right here and now.

I have come across lovers who could talk about sex with animals, and men who wanted to play in a father and daughter roleplay, someone wants to be looked at while they penetrate their anus or insert some tubes into the urethra, the most unpleasant requests come from coprophiles. The most harmless request from urinophiles – for them you just need to arrange urination on camera. This is usually disguised as a squirt, because many sites prohibit the demonstration of urination and any alike things.

The question is how to act in such situations? If they write to you in a personal account with such a request, then politely refuse and do not try to convince or to impose moral norms on a person. Why do you need to do this as follows? For instance, a man came online for the fulfillment of desires, be thankful that he does not walk down the street and is not looking for little girls (we are talking about lovers of models who act in a manner of minors on purpose).

You can refuse to talk if you are offered to discuss it verbally, or the member wants you to shove any objects inside of your body – you can also refuse without any hesitation. They also won't force you to watch their webcam and how they do something unpleasant there.

There are models who will grab any money, look at everything and do anything. That's the beauty of it – you are always the one who decides. Even if a member has already entered your room and has chosen you, this does not mean that you have chosen them! Keep this thought in mind.

Communication with members

During the broadcast, you either communicate with them in a general chat or in a private room. In the future, learn how to prioritize between members. Priorities are influenced by many factors:

  • A member who can pay writes you messages in a private chat, and you have to be near the keyboard forever, but in the general chat everyone is silent, so you have some time to spend in a private chat.

  • One paying member writes you a message in a general chat, and the other in a private chat, what do you do then? If your show is at its finest and you feel the excitement of members, there is an unstoppable stream of tokens coming to your wallet, then do not be distracted by some other stuff, if possible, communicate with your voice and say that you are too busy and excited to interrupt everything and to answer in person and blah blah blah. Tell them that you’ll be able to give them a response when the show ends.

  • You can actively conduct personal communication in a good way when you are tired after the show and you have a silence in the general chat, or this person leaves a really good amount of tokens in your room and they are worthy of your attention.

Watching other top models helps to relax in communication. Do not neglect this, especially if you have just started working! Top models are usually at the very beginning of the list of models, at the beginning of the page or on the first page, depending on the navigation on the site. But these are always the first rooms that are visible when opening the site.

Watch how models dress, how they decorate the workroom, what angles they choose, how they move the camera, what hairstyles and makeup, and sex toys they have. And the most important and essential thing to do is listening. Do not sit in the room of girls who are dumb, sit there where the girl is friendly and sociable. Listening skill can be easily trained if you read her chat and listen to how she responds to members, what emotions she shows.

Yes, it can be even useful to listen to how someone moans from tokens (if there is an interactive toy). Because I understand that it is not always clear how loud or not loud you need to moan at the sight of tokens. Someone does not moan at all, but simply shows emotions and languidly breathes. In this regard, you also need to test the ground between how you like it better and what kind of response comes from the audience.

The most important thing is to be sincere with your audience, who is sitting in your room. If they feel that you are really interested in how they spent their working day or weekend, or you are interested in learning something about the country they are from, they will definitely remember you and will want to return.

The big misconception of all new models is to think that everyone there is talking only about sex and strange fetishes. No, there are not only boys sitting there, there are a lot of serious men among the users of webcam sites who can afford to leave at least $100 on the site every day, thus it is possible to talk to them not only about sex.

In members, they often find good friends within the site. They do not try to know more about your personal life than it is allowed, but they are always there and ready to support you in difficult life situations. And not only with tokens, but also with advice or just listening.

Therefore, you do not need to think that only perverts are sitting on webcam sites. No, they are not alone there! For 4 years of work, I have met a lot of smart and interesting people, and I myself don't work all the time and take a lot of breaks, so I even consider myself an anti-example of a person who has done re-registration ... and this is not very good and a lot of the audience was lost.

Don't fall in love with members

I somehow met a guy a little older than me, who began to communicate with me not as a model, but as a girl, as if we were on a dating site, where all this easy and awkward flirting is inherent. He was very funny and charismatic, I even had feelings for him.

He is a young foreigner, a musician, he leaves me tokens, and he is also cute (he shared his personal Instagram with me). In general, what else could a girl with little money dream of? I thought while living abroad)) Maybe if I didn't have a boyfriend at that time, I could even fall in love (he was French, and I have a weakness for them). But I was in a relationship, so I decided to just stop communicating with him, because I didn't want to give it any tries, I already stopped considering him as just a member.

On the Internet you can find a couple of stories where the model even married a member (I know such stories in Russia), they had a child and everyone became happy. I didn't try to find a similar story with foreigners, but perhaps there are such.

It is important to be able to separate work on the webcam and your personal life. When you close the broadcast, you have to return to your real world. Because even if a user showers you with thousands of tokens and swears in love – you don't know them, and they don’t know you. They fell in love with your image, which you rehearse all the time in front of the webcam.

Yes, you need to be the best version of yourself on the webcam, right to the maximum level! Then it will begin to affect you as a person (self-esteem will increase and you will be more confident in yourself) and it will also pump your sexuality perfectly (guys start to notice you because of such energy, checked by me!). The main thing is, do not forget to turn off the model at the same time as turning off your broadcast.

You can and should be friends with members

I've only had this happen twice. I broke one's heart because he fell in love with me, and I didn’t feel the same way (I didn't want to go to America with him), and our fun communication just ended. And we still communicate well with the second person. He is a grown man from the Netherlands. I do not know his name or what he looks like, but he is 40+ years old, and he is a very wise and intelligent person. We don't talk much about sex at all, I like to discuss politics and social life with him, other members and models. With all this, he also leaves me tokens.


Asking for something to be done without a single token, or. let’s say you were sent a couple of tokens and asked to take off your bra, thaaat is, of course, bad manners. Especially from colored users (who allegedly have tokens in their account). With black / gray users, everything is clear, on the contrary, you are surprised with them when you come across someone normal and adequate in communication. Models often ignore messages from such users or do not allow them to write to the chat at all. Here, of course, it’s everyone's business. But if you have just started working, I advise you not to forbid them to communicate in a general chat.

Firstly, they talk a lot, which can be a plus for you, because they will want to talk to you, or you will use them as a communication tool to show that you are not dumb and can talk, other members will see it and want to get to know you closer – which is a great advantage!

Secondly, even among black/gray users, there may be one who will buy their first tokens just for you. I've had this happen a couple of times – it was, well, very nice indeed! Even if it wasn't his first purchase, it was still nice to hear that.

Therefore, treat members without tokens as your potential customers! It will never be too much. You can even make friends with someone in a general chat so that they will come only to you and no one else - it's nice, isn’t it? (unless, of course, they spam nonsense in the chat).

For such cases, it will be the best to write in your profile some fixed rules for communicating with you in a general chat and / or a private chat. In order to somehow control the stupid and strange behavior of users in the chat.

How to react to beggars?

You can start to playfully communicate with them, hoping that they really have tokens and they will throw them to you (if they are colored), you can poke his nose into the type menu or tell / write in plain text what you can do and how much it costs. It all depends on how you feel about it: do you like to play and flirt with them or do you treat it in a business-like manner?

If a gray / black user writes something like this, you can simply ignore and not pay any attention to them, or turn on the bitch mode and ask them to add some money to their account.

In general, spam from gray members is both an unnecessary problem and the presence of at least some movement in the chat. Especially when, in the midst of the show, they actively start spamming some nonsense in the chat. If you have moderators in your room, they will, of course, clean it all up. And if there aren't any? Ignore or forbid each spammer to write in the chat personally (you can prohibit all gray ones from writing at once in the settings, or click only on spammers and forbid writing to a specific person).

About moderators

Almost every site has the ability to appoint a user as its chat moderator. And depending on the site, they will be awarded with certain privileges. From the standard ones: they will be able to regulate chat communication by blocking unwanted spammers.

Moderators are usually assigned to "friends" inside the site. That is, those who often hang out in your room, actively communicate in a PUBLIC CHAT (not in a private chat, those who communicate mainly in a private chat, will not be good moderators for you), also leave tokens for you, support you and your conversation, and in general, an ideal moderator will help to ensure that the room would not be quiet and there would always be some kind of movements: communication, tokens or shows. This person will be motivated to make the model have fun and be sure that everyone in the room is not bored. This, for me personally, is the perfect moderator of the room.

How to start a dialogue

If your whole life is focused on work, home, walking to the store and back, and among other fascinating things in life you have only your cat, you are not interested in what is happening in the world and in things in general, the range of topics that you can support is limited to food, clothes and cosmetics – then it will be hard for you to make "friends" on the website or at least just chat with them. If you can talk freely about sex or own Dirty Talk – that's something! – you can work with this.

If you like to listen to music, to watch TV shows or movies, to read books – this is also something and you can create a good dialogue out of it. For example, you can start your broadcast by asking a topic for discussion about a new series, or you have discovered an interesting musical group, read an entertaining book and you want to discuss it or at least share your thoughts. You can already work with this :)

And if you travel and follow the world news – you have no chance to sit in one boring room. If, of course, you are not shy to talk and you have a decent level of English.

About English

Four years ago, I went to the webcam with school knowledge of English and for the first six months I was afraid to open my mouth at all and just typed. But then there was five times less competition.

Then I started breaking down internal barriers and trying to at least say hello and answer super easy questions. It was difficult, I was wildly shy, but I kept trying. After the first six months of work, I have already learned many slang expressions and abbreviations. Do not hesitate to write to members that you do not understand some kind of abbreviation - it is not difficult for them and they will gladly write it to you in full or even throw off a link to Urban Dictionary (I have often had this happen), which is very cool.

A couple of months later, I signed up for an English tutor on Skype. We studied for about six months and my English level leveled up immensely compared to what it had been before. This knowledge that I got will never be overrated and thanks to the tutor I feel confident abroad. Yes, I make mistakes and don't understand a lot of things, but now I'm not shy about it, and I try to ask people to explain it to me in a simple language. I'm not shy about my accent either, because the accent is a part of me, and for some it's even sexy, so don't worry!

Nowadays there are many useful translators for the browser (Imtranslator) and for the computer (Qtranslator) – in tandem, these are ideal assistants if you have problems with English.

I will not get tired of repeating that it is useful to watch /listen to other models – it helps to pick out useful expressions and words. When someone writes you an unfamiliar word that even your translator does not know, look in Google pictures or ask a member directly. Don't be ashamed that you don't know something. People who ask questions look more interested.