How to React to Rudeness if You Are a Model

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We all encounter rudeness sometimes. This happens all the time in our everyday life and of course at work. A video chat model can also be vulnerable and get some rude clients while communicating with all users. The question is how to react to rudeness? How not to get upset and not to get involved in senseless conflicts?

People can be rude for various reasons. Let's figure out the exact examples and how to get out of the situation in one case or another.

Victim's position

Ignorant people, bullies and energy vampires do not stick to everyone. Usually, they choose people who have not so high self-esteem, who are shy and vulnerable as victims. If you are this person, then you need to work with it and to become more confident. In the meantime, you can still confront someone if they are rude in different ways.

  • Control yourself. Bullies should not feel your confusion and uncertainty. With a high chance, there will not be the second time and they will not attack you ever again.

  • Agree with them. Then communication will become simply absurd, and other users who observe the dialogue along with you will laugh at their pathetic attempts to break you. As a rule, after that people fall silent.

  • Do not hesitate to use humor. Respond to rudeness with jokes, in no case start to be rude in response.

  • State the facts. If someone is rude, tell them directly that they are rude, and you do not want to communicate with such people.

  • Confuse them. For instance, a person has been telling you some offensive things for a long time, and it starts to seem that there is no end. Start sneezing and blowing your nose violently. Then say, "I'm sorry, I'm allergic to your nonsense. So where were we?".

All these tips are quite effective, and after acting in such manner people are likely to leave you alone. But still do not forget that you need to work on your own self-esteem. Then there will be fewer bullies in your life. Especially at work.

The bully has problems with communication

Many people are rude because they simply don't know how to communicate. They really want to talk to you, but then they suddenly understand that they are not able to say anything interesting. Then, in order to somehow attract attention, they begin to be rude.

It is not difficult to cope with this type of people. If you get one, then when communicating with them, follow a simple set of rules.

  • Politeness is the key. People are rude because they want to see you vulnerable and emotional, they want to make you rude in response, to get nervous, to fall into a state of aggression. Do fall for their provocations. Extreme politeness will quickly drive the bully crazy, and they will leave the conversation or at least keep silence.

  • Use templates. Energetic Internet vampires are always eager to get a violent reaction to their antics. Don't give them such pleasure. Answer every rude utterance in monosyllables. You can even create a template and just copy and paste it at the right moment. For example: "You violated the rules of the source. The administration asks you to follow the rules." The person will get bored very soon.

  • Be sudden. Let’s say, a rude message was written to you. In response, ask with what score yesterday's Russia : Belgium match ended or whether Juanita finally married Don Pedro.

They are afraid of you

This is another reason why people on the Internet, and in real life, are rude. They are extremely insecure and often envious. Hence, they have these fits of anger. In the case of a webcam model, a variant of "Napoleon" is possible. A man who enters the chat sees a gorgeous girl who is in a good mood and popular. He understands that she can't be interested in him. And that's why he starts to act inappropriately.

What do we do then? We talk to them in a calm way. In fact, they are deeply unhappy people with low self-esteem. You can even give them some kind of a compliment. It's not difficult for you. And this person might realize that this world is not an unhappy place at all.

Universal method

Ignoring someone is a good strategy. It can save you in any situation. Pretend that you don't notice them at all. Communicate with other guests, mind your own business. They should be just an empty place for you, which is not worth your precious attention.

You are beautiful, you have a job, and everything is fine in life. Why then you would waste your time and energy on stupid people with no manners? You have some other things to do.

No one is immune to rudeness, but do not let them spoil your mood and feed on your energy.