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When a newcomer in a webcam industry is looking for a platform to earn money, they pay attention to a wide variety of sites where they can earn money by web modeling. Today there is quite a large number of them, and each model has a fairly wide choice of which one to work on.

One of the most popular earning sites is Bongacams. Let's look at its features and differences from other resources.

Features of Bongacams

This site is ideal for models who are insufficiently proficient in a foreign language. The most part of members of this website is members from a Russian-speaking community, although foreigners also visit it from time to time.

When communicating with foreign members, the web model can use the built-in translator. The website interface is convenient, intuitive and created entirely in Russian. Earnings on Bongakams are the most diverse, even newcomers have quite a lot of opportunities to earn good money. Due to its advantages, Bongacams is very popular among Russian webcams.

Advantages of Bongacams

This resource has quite a lot of advantages and pros that help web models earn comfortably, feel confident and constantly increase their earnings.

  • The model has the ability to work not only from a PC or laptop, but also from a smartphone or tablet. To do this, just download the Bongacams App mobile application.

  • Cash prizes are regularly raffled on the site.

  • Built-in translator helps to communicate with foreign clients.

  • The model can block some country or some city at their own discretion, which ensures anonymity.

  • You can earn money not only through private sessions with members, but also through the Bongamodels affiliate program. In the online studio, technical specialists will provide all the necessary support, and personal curators will help you to get started and will continue helping you during first days or weeks of work.

Thanks to all these advantages, Bongacams occupies one of the leading positions among sites for earning for webcam models. Not only women can work on the Bong, but also men, as well as couples. Against the background of other similar sites, Bongacams looks very attractive due to its rich functionality and great features.

How to become a web model on Bongacams

You can start working on the Bong immediately after registration. As soon as the registration is completed, the webcam model will see their working interface and will be able to use the "Start broadcasting" button.

Next, select the microphone and the camera from the available devices. Please note — it is better to choose the maximum video resolution, so it will be most convenient for members to cooperate with you.

On the screen of a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, you will see your own image, which is broadcast to customers, in the middle of the screen — a chat, at the bottom — a line for entering messages. There is a column on the side containing the nicknames of those who are currently watching the broadcast. You can select any person by clicking on his nickname, write him a message, block him, and so on.

If you have any difficulties, you can always contact the support service. Specialists will help you set up the profile and equipment correctly so that you can immediately start working with a fully configured profile.

You can earn more and attract more customers if you simultaneously broadcast a show and write to those guests and members who are currently in the chat. So, it is more likely that you will be able to earn big money. Models who are silent, do not respond to customer remarks, or do not pay enough attention to the show, usually earn little amounts.

How to increase your income on Bongacams

The big plus of the Bong is that it is not necessary to invite a client to a private chat, you can earn money even in a general chat. So, a few tips for all the newcomers in a position of web models to increase earnings.

  • Pay attention to your status on the site. You can indicate there some interesting facts about yourself, a list of services, invite members to private communication. It is better to write in two languages at once — Russian and English.

  • If you want to work only with members from abroad, then avoid communicating in Russian. Communicate with foreigners more, so their number will constantly increase, and you will earn more.

  • Be friendly to your potential and current customers, smile more often. Don't allow a situation where you don't move at all. Your frozen pose is unlikely to interest customers.

  • There are bots on Bongacams. Each model can customize them according to their preferences. The bot will welcome the chat guests, send out invitations, invite them to private. It can also broadcast some news that seems important to you and may interest customers. Use bots — they save your time.

  • Use your voice. The voice is a very powerful tool. Believe me, it is important for customers not only to see you, but also to hear you. So the microphone is your faithful assistant.

  • Write intriguing personal messages to members. It is pleasant to every person, especially men.

  • Get different attributes to work with, this will help to make the show more diverse. Keep them close to your workplace — you should not disappear from the member's field of view if you are looking for this or that thing.

  • Pay attention to the design of your workplace. It is very good if it is bright and cozy.

  • And finally, don't think only about earning money. Your clients feel all false emotions, so you should be pleased to do what you do. Then long privates and tips will not keep you waiting.

A big plus of Bongacams is that the model is practically unlimited in the conduct of their activities. You can do anything, as long as it does not violate the site's policies, earn money using various methods, constantly find regular and cash customers and even receive passive income from them.

Earning of a model in Bongacams

In fact, the earnings of a model on a Bong depends only on them. On average, you can earn about $1,000 a month when downloading 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. The model chooses weekends at their discretion.

Over time, the income increases — there are regulars who regularly use the services of the model, and she no longer spends efforts on finding new clients. It is important to understand that communication with customers needs to be maintained to warm up their interest, otherwise they will simply go to other models in search of communication and new sensations.

Tips are the biggest part of one’s earnings. But in order to receive them from as many customers as possible, you need to try — to think through the show, to change the images or to make your image exclusive. The work of a webcam model is always creative.

The model can use the following ways of earning.

  • Private — one-on-one communication with a member, minute-by-minute payment.

  • Peeping — guests who have not taken private, however, can peek, and money is also paid for this.

  • Private without peeping — only the model and the member who pays for her services every minute are in the chat. Such a private chat is more expensive than all the others.

Working at Bongacams is suitable for both beginners and experienced models. Girls, boys and couples have many opportunities to earn, receive prizes and bonuses for good work, and constantly increase their income level.

Separately, it should be noted that Bonga, with all its advantages, is not a "freebie", but a serious resource on which all conditions for good earnings are created, but a serious approach to work is also required from the model.